Anti Spam

Anti Spam

  1. What is " Anti-Spam" and how does it benefit me?

    Anti Spam is a unique combination of anti-virus and anti-spam functions. At the same time, it filters virus-ridden and spam emails. With the proliferation of viruses, worms, and spam emails for the past year, this is one useful feature that will turn your email-communication significantly more efficient.

  2. How does the Anti Spam function work?

    The tool sorts out identified spam and places them in a designated folder labeled 'Bulk'. Customers can later on review the contents of the folder via their Webmail at

  3. If I subscribe for the service, does it mean that my system is totally immune to virus ?

    Yes and No, you should make sure first that your system is free from viruses, because several viruses will hide itself in the system and wait for the right time to do what it's supposed to do, the best scenario is you got the virus scanner and scan all your files, and then to make your life comfortable, you could subscribe for the e-virus scanner from IndoInternet.

    Well I did all that, can you now guarantee that my system is now secure ? Again it's Yes and No, it depends of the way the virus spread, you're totally secure from email viruses *) but you should always check for other viruses medium like diskette, ftp, etc. Good news is Internet, in this case e-mail has the highest percentage of being the medium for virus, so yes we can say you are secured from email viruses. But for best protection you should always consider having a separate virus scanner in your PC.

    *) Please be informed that virus development grow faster than the anti virus itself, and is depending totally on the development of the anti virus that we use which is updated regularly. Your email is guaranteed to be free from all viruses that can be detected by anti virus that we use.

  4. Who is eligible for this service and how much does it cost?

    Anti Spam is offered to all personal account holders of Indonet - FREE of charge.

  5. How do I sign up for the service?

    First, you have to activate the anti-virus function, then the anti-spam, by notifying us by email at or by fax at (021) 527 1850. The feature will be activated within 24 working hours.

  6. I want to use the service independently from each other. Is this possible?

    Anti-virus tool can be activated separately from the anti-spam, but not the other way around. Anti-spam tool is dependent on anti-virus and works only if anti-virus is activated.

  7. Do I get periodical report on filtered spam emails?

    No, but you can view the list and content of spam emails in 'Bulk' folder at your Webmail ( or IMAP mail.

  8. Am I required to reconfigure my email setting on my PC?

    Generally, this is not necessary. However if you still prefer to impose your own setting for more effective spam email management, you should reset your email system to be IMAP-based by first ensuring that your email client supports IMPAP.

  9. How do I configure 'Bulk' folder in my mailbox?

    First, you have to use email client that supports IMAP.

  10. How do I deactivate the Anti-Spam feature?

    Deactivation must be notified in writing and addressed by email to or by fax to (021) 527 1850. Deactivation process will be completed within 24 working hours

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